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Welcome to Garden Rambles Productions

Michael Self, New Plymouth entertainer

We are a TV production company dedicated to finding, collecting and telling good kiwi stories all over the world.

We make television featuring:

- organic gardening
- positive land use themes
- community histories, heroes and happenings.

People also ask us to make ads or promotional videos for their business, event or attraction so we do that too.

We also run events and demonstrations.  Its a good way to find characters and stories while adding some fun and colour along the way.  


What do we believe in?

We are goodlifers. We aim to help tell the world about apporachs that are good for our planet, good for our people, good for our communities and who's doing it so we all know. Our roots are firmly planted in good life principles where we can and we have a strong kaupapa of encouraging others.  We encourage good business when we see it and like to get involved with all the good stuff that promotes healthy community on and off the beaten track.


Who do we work with?

We bring a wide range of people to air. Our shows have featured garden notaries just as

  • world famous botanist David Bellamy,
  • the warm heart of kiwi gardening Maggie Barry,
  • ultimate foodie Peta Methias,
  • world leading plant breeder Keith Hammett,
  • Rudd Kleinpaste, the bug manand
  • Chelsea Garden Show gold meddalist Xanthe White.

We have seen the country side of entertainers The Topp Twins, Sam Hunt and Tim Finn along with the stories of hundreds of New Zealanders doing wonderful and whacky things in their gardens. We have also kept an eye on land politics and influencing politicians.  We've even hosted Te Radar on the show - fantastic.


Over the years our wonderful advertising and sponsorship partners have included

  • Yealands Wine Estate
  • Liquid Good Micronutrients for plants
  • Adrad Radiators
  • Devan Tanks
  • The Coach House Museum
  • Venture Taranaki
  • Independant Realtors of NZ
  • Yardlab
  • Tractaman Chris Jews
  • Gardenia
  • Husqvana
  • Daltons
  • Agriculture NZ
  • Chainmakers NZ
  • SwanDri
  • Agrissentials
  • Revital
  • Egmont Seed Ltd
  • Terraxe
  • The Weekend Gardener Magazine
  • Norwoods
  • Parasene
  • Franche Seeds
  • Wormaround Worm Farms
  • CountryTV
  • Cue TV
  • Canturbury Television
  • Growell
  • Massey University Department of Horticulture
  • Incredible Eadibles
  • Cossio Plastics
  • Spacewise Containers Ltd
  • Tourism Horowhenua
  • Taranaki Electricity Trust
  • Stratford District Council
  • Absolutely Postiviley Wellington
  • Central Tree Crops Research Trust
  • Venture Taranaki
  • The Auaha Group
  • Wanganui District Health Board
  • Regional Horticultural Societies
  • New Plymouth District Council

Mike guests on TV 3's The Cafe

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We have been media partners to key events such as:

  • The National Field Days
  • The Ellerslie Flower Show
  • The NZ Nursery Trade Fair
  • The Waikato Home Show
  • The Central District Garden Exp
  • Taranaki Fringe Garden Festival
  • The National Gladioli Show
  • The Taranaki Home and Lifesyle Expo
  • The Taranaki Rhodo Festival
  • The Tahora Music Festival series
  • South Taranaki District Council Arts in the Park Programme
  • Various national and regional art exhibitions
  • The making of movies: River Queen, Predicament

We have produced gardening and environmental programmes for radio and are active supporters of the48 hour film festival.

Can we help you spread the word?

We create at our studio sets in Taranaki and at your place

Garden Rambles Productions - the Company

Garden Rambles the Company evolved out of the garden show as owner Michael Self purchased the production part of Television Taranaki and pursued a wider range of story telling and television production opportunities.

With gumboots and cameras within arms reach at all times, Michael leads the Garden Rambles team of location scouts, film crews and editors.

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